Sunday, December 10, 2006

How do you track your feeds?

I was reading Mitch Denny's blog about how he keeps a track of his feeds which got me thinking on how I am keep a track of the information posted from the feeds (105 and counting) that I'm currently subscribed to.
For me it comes down to some of the features in Google Reader including
  1. It's a web based and keeps a track of what has been read independent of the viewing computer.
  2. It only marks posts as being read as you scroll past them. (Not when you initially view the feed)
  3. You can still access previously read posts. (No more having to go to the source to old posts)
  4. You can share items easily to create a link blog which has it's own RSS feed.
  5. You can star a post for follow up later (same as you can do in GMail)
As you can probably guess from the last 2 points what I do to keep track is to share all the interesting posts and if I want to follow up on a post it will get starred.
So how do you keep a track of your feeds?
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